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SiLC Vision Statement: to develop and maintain a high quality unifying professional registration for the assessment of the condition and remediation of brownfield sites, which fulfils the needs of public and private sectors and society as a whole.

National Quality Mark Scheme (NQMS) – Suitably Qualified Person Conversion Course and Exam

All registered SiLCs may become Suitably Qualified Persons (SQP) under the NQMS by passing a short Conversion Exam. Click here to go to the Conversion Exam page.

The National Quality Mark Scheme launches in the New Year, and identifies the need for professionals in the industry to become Suitably Qualified Persons (SQP). SILC have been nominated the awarding body for SQPs. SiLC is able to qualify you as an SQP by two routes. If you are already a SiLC, you may take a Conversion Exam, which tests your understanding of the scheme and the policies and guidance of the planning legislation in the UK. This conversion exam can be accessed from the link above. If you are not a SiLC, then you may apply to become either or both a SiLC and an SQP by a process of application, suitable chartership or membership of Professional Institutions, open-book exam and interview. The SiLC register operates this application and exam process. More details are provided in the tab above “Interested in applying?”

The scheme is administered by CL:AIRE and has been set up by the Land Forum. More details are available on how the scheme works and how you go about registering for the scheme and submitting declarations can be found at www.claire.co.uk/nqms

Latest News

11 Apr

SiLC Annual Forum 2019 Presentations

Following the SiLC Annual Forum which took place on Wednesday 6th March at the Royal Society of Chemistry in London, we’re please to showcase some of the presentations; Helen Smith The Challenges of Growing a Consultancy Nicholas Willenbrock Definition of … Read more »

01 Feb

AGS Magazine January-February 2019

On behalf of SiLC James Nelson has written a piece for the AGS Magazine, page 16 on Standards and Professionalism. AGS Magazine: January / February 2019

18 Jan

SiLC Exam 2019a

The upcoming SiLC 2019a Exam Round application deadline is on the 18th February 2019, applications should be sent to the SiLC Secretariat via email silc@silc.org.uk or post. Please note references should be sent in a sealed envelope by the referee … Read more »

05 Dec

AGS Magazine November/December 2018: Emerging Contaminants

Please click on the following link to view the most recent edition of the AGS Magazine, please see page 20 for an article on Emerging Contaminants by Phil Crowcroft, Chair of the SiLC Board.

27 Nov

SiLC Annual Forum – 6th March 2019

SiLC are pleased to announce details of the 2019 Annual Forum, which is taking place on Wednesday 6th March at the Royal Society of Chemistry in London. This half day seminar will see a series of industry experts present on … Read more »

About Us

The Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) Register scheme was designed to support the use of the Land Condition Record (LCR), launched by the Urban Task Force in 1999 and to recognise the skills of those working in the broader land condition sector. It now provides a wider recognition of competence in the land condition field, but the LCR remains as a working tool.

A registered SiLC is a senior practitioner who has a broad awareness, knowledge and understanding of land condition issues, providing impartial and professional advice in their field of expertise. A SiLC is able to verify the accuracy of a completed LCR. Entry to SiLC is gained through examination, which is held bi-annually.

The SiLC Register brings together professionals from a broad range of backgrounds who advise on land condition matters.

The SiLC Register is run and administered by a Professional and Technical Panel (PTP) which comprises representatives from the supporting professional bodies. The PTP develops and implements the registration process and is the ruling committee for individual registrations. SiLC is administered by Forum Court Associates.