Becoming a SiLC

To become a SiLC you must have a sufficient number of years experience of relevant work since graduation, as well as be a member of a professional body at an appropriate level. There is no specific number of years experience required, but continuous work related to land condition counts more strongly than intermittent work.

As a registered SiLC you should have a broad awareness, knowledge and understanding of land condition issues and be able to give impartial and professional advice in your field of expertise. As a SiLC you should be able to verify the accuracy of a completed LCR.



A SiLC should:

  • be able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of their particular area of expertise
  • be able to demonstrate awareness and some understanding of other relevant fields and professions required in land management
  • be able to demonstrate objective judgement in information and data management
  • be able to communicate well and manage effective interaction between interested parties
  • show familiarity, understanding and ability to complete all sections of the LCR
  • know and demonstrate a willingness to comply with all sections of the Code of Practice (see SiLC Candidate Application Guidelines).

You must go through the three-step application process before becoming a SiLC including an open book examination.


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