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The SQP Conversion Exam

The Land Forum NQMS Steering Panel has agreed that SiLC is authorised to qualify suitable professionals as SQPs. There are two routes to becoming an SQP. If you are already a registered SiLC, you may take a Conversion Exam, and passing this will qualify you as an SQP. Alternatively, if you are not a SiLC, you may apply to SiLC for the SQP registration which comprises a process of application, suitable chartership or membership of a Professional Institution, open-book exam and interview. Whichever route you take to becoming an SQP, there will be an Annual Subscription of £150 plus VAT (£180 including VAT) payable to SiLC to maintain the SQP and SiLC titles. You should ensure you stay up to date with developments in the profession and keep your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) up to date.

The Conversion Course and Exam has been designed to allow currently registered SiLCs to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the NQMS and relevant UK planning policy and guidance. By passing this Conversion Exam, existing SiLCs will become qualified as SQPs. The fee for the Conversion Exam is £70 excluding VAT (£84 including VAT), which must be paid in advance of taking the exam. If you are not a registered SiLC, you should not take the Conversion Exam – so do not try to access it or pay for it. You should thoroughly familiarise yourself with the NQMS by reading the Land Forum NQMS Roadmap documents which can be found at

In addition a set of summary slides are provided here which cover the content of the exam, and again, you should read these slides completely to prepare yourself for the exam. You may also have these slides to hand when doing the exam – it is an open-book exam, but with a 45 minute time limit. As you answer the multiple choice questions, you may go back and change an earlier answer if you feel you have not chosen the correct one.

The exam will ask you to submit your answers when all 16 questions are complete, and you will be informed if you have passed or failed at the end. The pass mark is 12 out of 16. In the event of failure, you may take the exam again immediately (without logging off) or at a later date. Please note the questions are selected randomly from a larger pool of questions, so your second attempt will not have the same questions as the first. If you fail a second time, you should log off and spend more time familiarising yourself with the scheme. If you choose to try the exam again, you will have to pay the application fee again. If you are successful and pass, you will be advised accordingly and you will receive a certificate in the post. You should then go to the NQMS site hosted by CL:AIRE ( ) to register for the scheme and to make declarations in relation to reports and projects. The scheme becomes live in early 2017.