About us

About Us

The SiLC Register is aimed at practitioners from a diverse range of professional bodies working in the assessment and management of land condition and brownfield regeneration who demonstrate a high degree of experience, competence and skill during their career. Registration is gained through examination.

In 1999 the Government’s Urban Task Force led by Lord Rogers published their report Working Towards Renaissance, championing a holistic approach to urban regeneration, part of which recommended the introduction of a standardised documentation applying greater consistency in handling information describing the condition of the land, as part of any land transaction process with the purpose:

“to ensure that during the sale, purchase and development of land, all parties had access to the same data sets and could therefore develop some general agreement between them on the levels of risk associated with that particular site or that particular use”

A Working Group consisting of a broad range of organisations, regulators, property developers and government departments, with key interests in environmental aspects of land management was set up to take this forward and the Land Condition Report (LCR) was launched, supported by a quality assurance sign off system by an accredited professional: the Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC).

The main features of the Land Condition Record were:

  • to consist of factual information relevant to land condition and the state of the land
  • not to include assessment of the implications of the information
  • to be completed within a quality assurance system, including the use of accredited specialists in contaminated land when these become available
  • not to be an onerous requirement for owners or others to complete or maintain.