CPD requirements

Maintenance of professional body membership is a requirement for an individual to remain registered as a SiLC. The majority of SiLCs will have a professional body requirement for CPD submission and this may also be used for SiLC CPD submission when requested.

  • log sheets of CPD may be submitted in any format
  • those sections of the CPD submission that are relevant to SiLC criteria should be highlighted
  • further logs may be added that are specific to the SiLC criteria as required.

For those SiLC who have no official requirement, or whose professional body does not provide a CPD record sheet, a SiLC CPD form can be completed. It is advisable to have an electronic record of CPD for ease of maintenance.

The CPD log should be updated regularly. The PTP will use a system of random viewing of CPD log sheets. SiLCs are encouraged to keep evidence of CPD (where appropriate) or verification sources (where appropriate) as this may be requested during a review.

The guidelines are designed to provide direction and guidance for registered SiLCs and are not prescriptive. A registered SiLC is expected to be proactive and develop an individual CPD plan.

The SiLC PTP has not set a minimum level of CPD (in terms of hours) for SiLC, or set up a system of allocating points for any CPD undertaken.

Requirement for submission of CPD Logs

SiLCs are required to submit a CPD log when requested by the SiLC PTP. The SiLC PTP recognises that circumstances arise where SiLC may be unable to submit logs of CPD, eg illness, career break and maternity leave. In these circumstances the SiLC PTP will review the application for exemption and in certain circumstances the requirement for CPD may be waived for a specified period of time. Exemptions will be considered on a case by case basis. Requests for an exemption should be made in writing to CIRIA. The SiLC PTP will review submissions and CIRIA will contact those who have not submitted evidence of CPD when requested. Failure to submit evidence of CPD on request may result in SiLC registration being revoked.

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