Submitting CPD

When submitting CPD to SiLC you should include a:

  • log of maintaining and improving knowledge and understanding – with particular consideration to the SiLC criteria
  • log (where applicable) of completing LCR and promoting use of the LCR
  • log of the application of knowledge and understanding relevant to land condition across the range of professions involved
  • log of use of communication skills, internal and external
  • log (where appropriate) of assistance to candidates entering the profession.

SiLCs are encouraged to develop a CPD plan. Qualities that might be included, are:

  • specific technical knowledge and or skills, especially those outside the remit of usual work (for example, a chartered geologist may need to further develop understanding of the role of chartered surveyors and vice versa)
  • knowledge of relevant new legislation
  • management techniques
  • problem solving
  • communication skills
  • leadership/management skills.
Developing a CPD plan

When developing a CPD plan, you should:

  • set objectives with a realistic challenge and target levels to achieve
  • choose a preferred method of learning (or combination)
  • include SiLC criteria requirements (eg keeping up-to-date with the LCR)
  • reflect on activities and evidence of skills acquisition
  • identify personally suitable potential subjects and qualities as suggested above.

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