Continuing Professional Development

Professional development is a fundamental part of our career, it is important to ensure that your knowledge and skills are up-to-date with current practices. Land condition is a wide-ranging discipline and is evolving, expanding and continuously developing.

Once registered as a SiLC, it is important to develop and grow your professional knowledge and skills by conducting Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Those individuals on the SiLC register should maintain their credibility and are able to demonstrate that their knowledge, understanding and skills are maintained, developed and updated.

Demonstration of CPD is a requirement of the SiLC Code of Practice. It is a useful tool to use to identify and prioritise future development needs for the following year and evaluate achievements made in the previous year.

Upon completion of the application process, SiLCs will be required to sign a declaration to state that they will comply with their professional body requirements regarding CPD (see Appendix 5 of the candidate guide).

  • the SiLC PTP may request to see log sheets at any time
  • CPD log sheets may be copies of those submitted by a SiLC to their own professional body. Entries relevant to SiLC registration should be highlighted
  • CPD log sheets may be copies that the SiLC maintains specifically with regard to SiLC registration. A sample template is available for your use.

The PTP reserve the right to reassess any registrant after five years.

A candidate may be asked at any time to provide evidence of recent CPD log sheets to support their application.

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