Exam process

If your application is successful you will be required to undertake a SiLC exam. This comprises the SiLC question paper including completing a LCR and an individual written submission.

The question paper

It is estimated that three to five days work is required to complete this stage. Candidates have a four week period to prepare their answers and written submissions.

  • there are two parts to the exam paper: Part 1 is completion or partial completion of an LCR for a given site, Part 2 comprises two questions about the assessment and management of land condition
  • there are two assessments each year (on pre-determined dates). The applicant will be sent an email containing a web link where they will be able to download the exam documents
  • answer papers and the individual written submission must be returned on, or before, the specified date. The SiLC Secretariat does not accept responsibility for non-delivery of returned papers
  • if candidates do not receive the email notification or are unable to access the web link they must notify the SiLC Secretariat immediately as extensions to the return date will not be given
  • non-return of answer papers will result in a fail result for the candidate and a full new application fee and assessment will be required.

The SiLC assessment is based partly on the LCR and partly on a wider knowledge of land condition issues and candidates must be able to:

  • show familiarity and understanding of all sections of the LCR in written completion and verbally at the interview
  • describe the contents and completion of each section of the LCR
  • describe the uses of the LCR – this should include those set out within the document
  • interpret information about land condition and give advice to landowners and other suitable parties based on this interpretation
  • present an accurate, well written paper, within the word limit.
The individual written submission

It is estimated that one to two days of work is required to prepare the individual written submission (IWS). The IWS should be 1200-1400 words long (including any bullets, footnotes, figures, tables, examples etc). “Words” will be taken as those counted by a word processing word count tool.

The purpose of the IWS is to give assessors an understanding of the breadth and depth of the applicant’s knowledge and for applicants to demonstrate their written communication skills.

  • the IWS should cover the criteria provided as follows. It should be about the candidate, not their organisation
  • the IWS should be submitted at the same time as the completed LCR question paper, but can be written at any time.

IWSs should consider and may include the following:

  • demonstrate a thorough knowledge of your own area of expertise in relation to the LCR
  • demonstrate an awareness and some understanding of other relevant disciplines and connected professions
  • demonstrate objective judgement in information and data management
  • communication skills
  • manage effective interaction between clients and other interested parties
  • know and comply with all sections of the Code of Practice (see Appendix 1 of the candidate guide).

When writing the IWS the candidate should include the following information:

  • how might the LCR be used in or affect your own work, and where might it lead to improvements in dealing efficiently and effectively with land?
  • what is the role of your profession in dealing with brownfield sites, and how does this relate to other professions? Your broad knowledge of other professions should be demonstrated (you might give information regarding your role in a multi-disciplinary team project for example)
  • how you remain up-to-date with developing technical and regulatory changes in dealing with the assessment and management of land condition including brownfield sites
  • the skills in land condition that you have employed and what you have learned, with particular emphasis on ensuring quality, demonstrated by detailed reference to one or more projects
  • the relevance of the SiLC Code of Practice to your overall work activities and personal development.

Following the submission of the completed exam, you will be given a date for a peer interview.

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