SiLC Introduction Day dates:

9th January 2024

2nd July 2024

If you cannot attend the specified dates (above) please email us to be placed on a mailing list which will alert you when an SiLC Introduction Day has been arranged else-where. Your email will not be shared or used for anything other than for Introduction day information.

SiLC Introduction Day fees for 2024 are:

Private Sector: £199.50 + VAT Total: £239.40

Public Sector: £147 + VAT Total: £176.40


06 Nov

The Defra National Expert Panel membership

Defra recently announced the composition of the Defra Expert Panel, set up to support Local Authorities in making decision about potential Part 2A sites. The panel
is made up of twelve experts from the public, private and academic sectors, and
five are registered SiLCs.

Download the full Press Release – The Defra National Expert Panel membership.

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