12 May

The SiLC Land Condition Skills Development Framework

The SiLC Land Condition Skills Development Framework (LCSDF) was originally funded by English Partnerships (now part of the Homes and Communities Agency) to facilitate the fulfilment of Recommendation 1.2.1 of the Brownfield Skills Strategy which said:


 ‘….working with a range of partners, the Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) Registration Scheme develop and trial a Land Condition Skills Development Framework and establish whether this will provide an effective model for other sectors/areas of expertise that make up the workforce.’


The original version was produced by CL:AIRE in 2009 under the steering of a Project Board. A revised and expanded version has been prepared by the SiLC PTP in 2014.  It is expected that the LCSDF will develop further in the future based on experience with its use. The current version is available for organisations to consider and work with.


It is envisaged that there are two main options for the use of the LCSDF within both public and private sector organisations:

  1. Organisations will adopt this framework as their own and use this to develop those in appropriate roles.
  2. Organisations will choose to align or adapt their own existing frameworks with this framework in mind.


Download the The SiLC Land Condition Skills Development Framework (LCSDF).

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