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Jamie Robinson - BSc (Hons) MSc CGeol EurGeol SiLC

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Jamie has over 26 years’ experience as an environmental geochemist and hydrochemist. .Jamie is a specialist in the use of quantified risk assessment for determining the fate of potential contaminants in soil, vapor and groundwater. The latter has involved detailed use, review and expert review (to regulators) in Australia and the UK with regard to Generic Assessment Criteria and the use of risk assessment models such as CLEA, RBCA, RISC, CONSIM, and RTM. Jamie also helped to develop the RISC5 software and sits on the Technical Panel for Contaminated Land Auditors in South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia He has also been a project manager and director in the fields of remediation design, supervision and validation, client/regulatory liaison, tender preparations and environmental auditing. Jamie has developed a variety of innovative and award winning investigation, risk assessment and remediation techniques for the assessment and mitigation of soil and groundwater contamination. This work has led to over twenty publications in the scientific community. Jamie has lectured in Australia and UK and is an examiner for the Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC) qualification and a scrutineer for the Royal Geological Society.

Organisation: SLR

Member of: Geological Society

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Tel: 07775 806527

Treenwood House
Rowden Lane
Bradford- upon- Avon
BA15 2AU

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