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Mrs Margaret Imogen Cliff - CGeol MCIWEM CEnv SiLC

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Margaret Cliff is director of Roundhay Environmental, a small independent consultancy specialising in contaminated land and hydrogeology. She has more than 25 years experience including geology, hydrogeology, water resources and engineering geology. Work has included site investigations for environmental and geotechnical purposes including chemical contamination of soil and groundwater, management of bioremediation and other remediation projects, assessment of groundwater and surface water resources, quantitative risk assessments for protection of water resources and human health, and design of quarry and landfill operations to minimise environmental impact. Project management includes close liaison with planning authorities and environmental regulators. Consultancy services have been provided to developers, mineral extraction companies, waste disposal companies, public authorities, investors and solicitors. She is a Qualified Person for CL:AIRE DoWCoP Materials Management Plans and a SQP.

Organisation: Roundhay Environmental Consulting Ltd

Mrs Margaret Imogen Cliff is a SiLC registered assessor


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