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Mr Alistair A Kean - BSc., MSc, DIC, C.Geol., SiLC

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Alistair is an environmental geologist who has been working for over thirty years in the geotechnical and environmental industry as both a consultant and contractor. From being the project engineer for the innovative remediation of the Pumpherston oil refinery in Scotland using bioremediation, in situ stabilisation and reed beds in the early 1990s, he went on to be a Director of Bio-Logic, one of the UK's most successful remediation contractors, now part of Shanks. Bio-Logic were instrumental with the Environmental Industries Commission in lobbying DEFRA and the Environment Agency for the introduction of the Mobile Plant Licence legislation, previously a barrier to on site remediation. Alistair is now Managing Director at Kes Geoenvironmental Ltd. based in Glasgow where the company specialises in land assessment, practical remediation and environmental assessment work. For ten years, Alistair was Chair of the EIC's Land Working Group. He also has experience of acting as expert witness on pollution and mineral extraction cases. Alistair is a SiLC registered assessor.

Organisation: Kes Geoenvironmental Ltd

Mr Alistair A Kean is a SiLC registered assessor

Member of: GELSOC/IEMA

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Tel: 0776 451 4878

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