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SiLC Register: further information

Maintaining your name on the SiLC Register
Please note that your name could be removed from the SiLC Register if:

  • There is evidence to show that you have not followed the SiLC Code of Practice
  • Nonpayment of your annual subscription

For non-payment of subscriptions, reinstatement of your name on the SiLC Register will be possible (please see below).
For pre-notified career breaks (for example maternity), a subscription discount is available.

The retired rate of 45% discounted from the full fee can be applied for by members over the age of 60 who are no longer working in a professional capacity, but who wish to retain their interest in the field of land condition.

Please contact the SiLC Secretariat at for more information.

If your name has been removed from the SiLC Register, reinstatement of your name on the SiLC Register will depend on the length of time you have been off the Register.

Requirements for less than 24 months of absence where the reason for being off the Register was non-payment of subscription:

  • provide satisfactory CPD record during the time of absence. Guidance about CPD record can be found on
  • pay backdated outstanding subscriptions plus an administration fee of £50

Requirements for 24 months or longer time of absence:

  • Retake the exam

The SiLC PTP may waive the requirements under special circumstances. This includes pre-notified career breaks such as maternity leave.

If you have any questions or you wish to reinstate your name on the register, please contact .

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