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SiLC Vision Statement: to develop and maintain a high quality unifying professional registration for the assessment of the condition and remediation of brownfield sites, which fulfils the needs of public and private sectors and society as a whole.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


SiLC Equality Diversity & inclusion statement

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is a core cultural behaviour embedded into the Specialists in Land Condition Register (SiLC).
SiLC recognises that it must provide and promote inclusive opportunities to all practitioners regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability and circumstance if it is to attract and retain talented individuals from a wide spectrum of society.
In order to achieve this objective, the SiLC Equality, Diversity and Inclusion group has been established with the view of:
1. Actively promoting diversity and inclusion throughout the land condition industry.
2. Continuously review, and if necessary, amend its internal procedures to ensure that unconscious bias relating to gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability and circumstance plays no part in the decision-making processes required to run the Register and when awarding the SiLC status.
Specifically, the group intends to:
 Understand the starting point so SiLC can monitor progress;
 Foster an environment where matters relating to diversity and inclusion must be openly discussed in a safe environment to further the objective of developing a truly inclusive organisation and industry;
 Promote the Register and the profession of land condition management across a wide range of sectors and disciplines with the view to attract those groups currently under-represented in both the industry and the Register;
 Utilise the SiLC Affiliate Scheme to attract new professionals to the industry and Register;
 Continuously improve representation on the SiLC PTP to provide a diverse and inclusive membership and increase visibility of under-represented groups;
 Ensure diversity amongst the PTP during the assessment process and, wherever possible, remove opportunity for unconscious bias to influence the award process;
 Strengthen links with external bodies (e.g. WISE (Women into Science and Engineering), WiP (Women in Property), WES (Women’s Engineering Society) and other groups) and implement the WISE 10 steps to diversity and inclusion;
 Proactively adopt a holistic view of diversity, which addresses fair treatment, inclusion and respect for all applicants and members;
 Champion the positive impact of promoting diversity by training members, issuing media releases and promotional literature, increasing visibility of under-represented groups and when hosting events;
 Recognise, understand and challenge anything standing in the way of equal opportunities;
 Challenge, question and address any perceived or witnessed discrimination;
 Make sure SiLC’s policies and the way it works continually promotes equity, diversity and inclusion;
 Encourage and support its members to promote equity, diversity and inclusion within their own workplace;
 Encourage and support its partner organisations to promote equity, diversity and inclusion, and to highlight and champion those that adopt equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives;

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