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SiLC Vision Statement: to develop and maintain a high quality unifying professional registration for the assessment of the condition and remediation of brownfield sites, which fulfils the needs of public and private sectors and society as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a SiLC?

A registered SiLC is a senior practitioner who has a broad awareness, knowledge and understanding of land condition issues, providing impartial and professional advice in their field of expertise. SiLC represents the highest level of expertise a Chartered professional can achieve in land condition and brownfield regeneration.

To be placed on the SiLC register, individuals need to undergo an application, open book written exam and interview process. Essentially it is a peer review and assessment process to assure the quality and competence of the people who pass. Candidates for registration must have:

  • a degree or equivalent qualification
  • chartered status
  • sufficient relevant experience in land condition matters

In addition, successful candidates are registered as Suitably Qualified Persons (SQPs) under the National Quality Mark Scheme (NQMS). This is a scheme which was set up by the National Brownfield Forum and recognises professionals qualified to verify expert reports on land condition as part of planning applications and other regulatory processes.


Why become a SiLC?

If you wish to be recognised at the highest level as an expert in land condition, including areas such as  land contamination assessment, remediation and brownfield regeneration, SiLC is the only professional registration scheme of its type for experienced individuals in this field. Registration demonstrates commitment, expertise and professionalism in your chosen discipline and goes beyond Chartership. It also demonstrates your personal commitment to achieving high quality standards and ’getting it right first time’.

SQP registration also enables you to sign-off reports under the NQMS, which is becoming an increasing requirement from regulators and commissioning clients.  The value of SiLC and SQP registration is increasingly being recognised by Government, Clients, the Environment Agency and Local Authorities.

Every year, we run Introductory Days to help candidates to find out more and to understand the SiLC requirements and the assessment process. This also covers what our assessors look for in a prospective SiLC candidate and allows time for Q&A and discussion.

We believe SiLC confers a certain amount of prestige and benefits both individuals, and where applicable their employers, with regard to commitment to quality.


Why use a SiLC?

The assessment of brownfield sites can be a complex task, requiring knowledge and experience drawn from many different disciplines. This raises an important question: who has the ability, experience and professionalism to manage and sign off complex land assessments? Many regulatory bodies and commercial organisations recognise the need for a specialist qualification that covers practitioners working in the land assessment and brownfield regeneration sector.

The SiLC scheme is an industry-leading initiative that helps to enhance professional standards, assists with career development and imposes a strong, ethical code of conduct by which all SiLCs must abide. By choosing SiLC-accredited consultants for their projects, companies and regulators know that they will be working with experienced professionals who have demonstrable expertise, can offer independent and authoritative advice and are committed to high quality standards.

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