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08 May

DEFRA Category 4 screening level (C4SL) project

The Category 4 screening level (C4SL) project funded by DEFRA continues to progress and will be completed later in the year hopefully. SiLC has been engaged in the project through attendance at the project workshops, and has provided collective feedback to the project contractor and steering group on behalf of the professional institutions and organisations forming the SiLC membership. 


As the project has progressed, SiLC has become increasingly concerned regarding the lack of provision of explanatory technical information which is used in the developing the methodology and the lack of clarity regarding the intended use of the C4SL in the planning assessment process.   SiLC considered that these concerns should be brought to the attention of DEFRA during the project development stage and a letter was issued by SiLC to DEFRA in April 2013. 


Download a copy of the letter: SiLC letter to Defra re C4SL April 2013.


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